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Juanese Kennedy, Owner and CEO, grew up in the Pentecostal church where she gained her foundational teachings and learned at an early age that God should always be the first priority in your life.  God has blessed her with many talents to glorify him and share his love with the world.  Ms. Kennedy always had a knack for fashion, so she decided to integrate her love for God and fashion through the creation of


  God First Always aims to put God First, not sometimes but ALWAYS!  Often times we search for satisfaction in people, things and money, but making God a priority comes as the ultimate package deal.  The brand is designed to glorify God and encourage individuals to make sure God is the head of their life. This brand displays its beliefs and knows that success comes through making God the center of your life.  By doing this we hope that every generation declare that God shall be first and not knowing God is a disservice to one’s self.  A generation that not only puts God first in their lives, but bold enough to share the gospel through their clothing as well. 



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